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Any interest for a school in Utah?


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Wizard Fabrications is currently looking to expand our program into Utah, by opening an off-road fabrication school somewhere in the state. As of this time we are weighing our options and have preliminarily picked the greater Salt Lake City area. With a massive population of off-roading enthusiasts, including rock crawlers, sand duners, off-road racing teams, and more, Utah seems like the perfect state for a Wizard Fabrications school. But it will only happen if we get enough interest. So how about it those of you from Utah, any interest?
Kind of off of the subject but I was looking into your school in Vegas. I'm in the Air Force and wanted to go to your school. If you guys were accredited in some way, your class would be paid for by the military to any military member. That might be worth looking into for you guys as I know a bunch of guys here and in Utah that would be interested.


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Thanks for the suggestion, but we have looked at this subject very close and we will stay avocational due to many things that would drive the price up about 100% or more. We have made this program available to people, so you can learn to build your own for less. A vocational school will cost more because you have to follow strict state rules that involve test, state involvement, and lots of red tape that is past on to you. We feel that if you are interested in a degree that there are schools out there that can help with that. We will teach you how to build the truck or car of your choice so you can say I built it myself. We are a hands on school. Stop by for a tour if you can..............:)


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I would be thrilled with a Utah school. I think that if word got out you would have full classes.