any pic of corr pro-lite trucks


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hey anyone have some close up pics of some corr pro-lite trucks, prefurred pics cage, suspension, front, rear and what size tires do they run front and back. the back tires look to be a size bigger. i dont now but all the help i can get is great.


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31 front 32 rear, 12" front 14" rear. you can get prints of the truck from CORR>>>>>>>>>SLR


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the photos of huseman's truck on are the only ones i know of in the buildup stages, check them out.

maybe check the teams section on and check out the individual team websites for more.

i thought they ran 32's front and rear???

Jerry Zaiden

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I have some pictures Jeff Kincaid sent me. If you stop by you can check them out. They are regular pictures and I don't have a scanner so I can't post them. Next time I talk to him I will try to get him to send me some digital shots.


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I looked at the front brake rotors on Huseman's truck at Crandon, and they looked like something off a motorcycle. About 1/4" thick and full of holes. Wow!!

Like Hoeker said, I think the different team websites have some pictures of their trucks. Check em out.


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Here's a couple of frame pics from the So Cal CORR meeting last year where we traveled hopefully to hear abut a move out west. Of course it was a pep rally about how great the series is and the kind of support we might find if we could come up with the cubic dollars to go race back east....Curt