Any video or Pictures of our Crash?


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We were at the MDR race on Saturday night and had an unfortunate incident. Right at Pit B we rolled our truck. Stock Mini class, truck #1200 MD Racing. We hit a dip that was covered in a cloud of dust from the last vehicle that went by and rolled it 2.5 times. Everyone is fine, though so we are fortunate. My crew was awesome and we pulled together and fixed the truck and finished the race!! Even the Lightforce lights on top of the truck survived??!! Go Lightforce!!! We were amazed when they actually came back on after rolling over on them!! Congradulations Nick for the win!!! I was wondering if anyone had a picture or video of the incident???? We would really like to see exactly what happened. If you do, please let me know.

Hope everyone had a good and safe weekend!!



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