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Anyone been/going to "Easter Jeep Week" at Moab?


It looks like I am going to be taking the new "fun size" (mini) SDHQ vendor trailer for its maiden voyage next month to Moab. The event is huge and my limited google searching makes me feel a little under informed. I know what my days as a vendor entail but the rest, I'm clueless so far.

Everyone camp in the same place?
Any fun to be had after dark?
Anyone I know from here going?
How's the weather (besides the unpredictability of the desert in spring?)

Anyone? Or is it just jeep thing and I won't understand?

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Pretend your in Disney land IE: long lines, 3buck a gallon gas, mountian bikers with " attitude" BLM, BLM, BLM, no ice in town after Saturday, expensive motels that go by the name of "El dumpo casa plenty" utah liquor laws, 0.32 warm beer NOT ON SUNDAYS, traffic and more traffic, oh did I mention BLM? if your a vendor (you are) it's a must kinda Sema for offroaders. Myself go any other time get with the local red Rock four wheelers club (give them a month or so to chill out) buy them dinner & drinks you will have a friend for life.


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Oh if your driving a diesel anything pulling a LOAD turn the chip down running Interstate 70 your truck will appreciate it