Anyone get any video for class 7 Oct 25/26?


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Dec 18, 2002
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Santa Clara, CA
I'd really like to see some vid of the race, we didn't do any do to a shopping malfunction (forgot DV tapes) and for us it was about the best race we've ever run and I'd like to have some vid for my golden years...Plus Patty really has no idea how fast she was going from an outside perspective and I'd like to show her what I saw!

Thanks, Curt

Also, hey Chad/Dianne how about considering video next year for Cougarfreak? These movin' pictures thingys seem to be catching on. I love having vid but can't do it myself and run the radio at the same time. My team is fairly video challenged sky--ground--sky-- plus they can't do it and watch the race at the same time, which is why they all work all year helping out...Not sure how you would market it but probably have to cut a full day vid and sell them instead of individuall team stuff...Don't really care about fancy cutting/editing or anything, just getting vid would be cool...HD vid would be really cool and most people don't have HD camcorders yet even though they aren't that expensive. Delivery might be a problem since there's still a huge lack in players in most peoples homes and blue ray burners are probably still too expensive...