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Anyone going to Ocotillo?

Well if anyone is going to Ocotillo tonight or tomorrow look for me out there! I am leaving right now and will be there tonight and all day tomorrow! It would be cool to hook up with some of you guys and go for a drive or something! Just look for my white toyota with the BFG sticker on the window!

We will be at Holms Camp I think.

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We are going out there again this weekend. Anyone going??? We will be out there Saturday-Sunday so watch for my truck and if you see me say hi! I am not sure where we are camping yet but I will be crusing around all the cool spots! Hope to see someone out there!

Oh also if anyone wants to follow us out there I will be going upto Lake Ensinore and then going on Saturday around 1PM. If anyone wants to follow me just let me know!

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I'll probably be out there next Friday and Sat night for the weekend before New Years. Then Sunday morning I'll be heading to Plaster City with JC for the race. Keep an eye open for the Red Explorer with the newly VERY EXPENSIVE aligned/straightened/refreshed front end!!

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I'll probably be out there next weekend, sat-mon. This depends on what the lil woman says. We'll all be on bikes, one of my friends just got the new CRF450, I'm dying to ride it. He says it's damn near the perfect bike. He's already got triple clamps, and a pipe on it, as well as dialed in the jetting. =) Makes me all excited just thinking about it.


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Alright i'm outa here. See anyone whos going out there! I'll be in my white toyota and with 2 black rangers, and 1 blue ranger w/white glass. Say hi if you see us!

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