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Anyone racing Adelanto?


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i am! i am racing unclassified, vet 35+open am and open am on sunday.

drive fast and take chances!!


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Hey Pat I could not open the link, is there another one?

You may beat me in the flats, but watch out in the whoops! ! !


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xr 650. if you want to stop by and introduce your self i'll be in a white trailer pulled by a white dodge truck. like every one else...lol... no i am easy to stop. my truck stands out. its a want-to-be prerunner and the trailer has ac racing on the side of it. see you out there! and if i dont good luck!

drive fast and take chances!!


Adelanto is my favorite race as noted in my profile. I have raced it since 1986 but am on hiatus as of 1996 (broken back). I still attend every year with my dad. However, I just sold my condo and escrow closes on Friday the 22nd. We are moving on Saturday...if all goes well and we are out of there as scheduled, we will be treking up there early Sunday morning. I will try to take vids of all ya'll. I'll be at the first flood channel crossing for a while. Don't eat it right there, the drop off going into it is nasty...a lot of guys land hard and case it and do the 'ol ball buster right in front of the camera. Will also be trying to get vids of the famous water jump and the high speed area just before the moto-x entrance.

Good luck to all of you and ride safely!!! Be careful in the choppy high speed stuff, if I remember correctly...people eat it all the time and it is so dusty you can easily tag someone before you know it (it has happened to me). I don't want to hear about anymore of us getting "rag-dolled" and air lifted.




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Wow! Pat you must be good if you race Expert. It is a fun race. I raced open Novice the last two years, but this year my damn wrist injury is not healed. I will be out there pitting for a few buddies in the open Amateur and open Novice class. Hope to see you out there.
Pat - What, if any, club are you in...I used to be in Desert MC back when I raced.



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I will be in a white toyota with Inland Prerunners sticker on windsheild. 500 kaw. I am a member of So. Cal M/C. I have been racing / riding since I was about 6 years old so, many chances for transfers. Got my red stripe (expert) when I was about 17 and held on to it tightly ever since. Even after a few years off I still sign up as an Expert. Too old and fat to try to start over and get it again.

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I wish I was going, but I got my arm twisted into a trip to Glamis this weekend. Speaking of which, did anyone see the coverage of Glamis on ABC last night? It didn't
paint a very pretty picture. They compared it to the wild west and insinuated (Sp?) that everyone was drunk or on drugs.

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I haven't been to the AGP since 1991. I am looking forward to the event. We already have a great parking spot taped off, care of some local racers. Thanks Dave!

Pat, do they still have a lot of vintage bikes and parts for sale?

We'll be there by noon tomorrow.