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Anyone racing with new King 2.5" internal bypass shocks


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Anyone racing with the new King 2.5 IBS smoothbody shocks? I just ordered a set for my vintage 89 Dodge D50. Truck originally was built with 2 Bilstein coilovers and 2 bilstein 5100's. Has custom Sway Away torsion bars also. We are installing 2 King 2.5 IBS shocks with 20 compression clickers and 3" finned resorvoirs. We went with larger finned resorvoirs to keep the heat down. Also being installed are 2" coilovers with larger resorvoirs to help hold up truck and help with damping. Kings guys used there vast years of knowledge and came up with valving for IBS and with clickers we should be close to race ready. I included some pictures from original design of truck so you can see what we are replacing. We did not have room for external bypass shocks. We are keeping truck 99% original as far as original design. Not breaking out grinders and welders!!!
Thanks for yourb



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Looks like I might of made a bad choice. No responses in 3 days. Hopefully I didn't waste 2k!


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Why not? If anything my guess is your new shocks will be valved a little on the firm side.


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There are some U4 guys racing on them.


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I'm sure you will be perfectly fine