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anyone recognize this old ford...

jo maoma


has this odd reverse control arm coil spring setup on the rear...


Crayola Killer
Where was the truck located? If its a Phoenix based truck and judging by the colors, I'd say it looks like a Larry Noel prerunner. Larry raced class 1 unlimited, MTEG and even tried his hand at class 7s in the early 90's. that paint job looks a lot like his paint scheme. Noel plastering is the name of his business although Larry passed away a couple years ago.

jo maoma

thanks rory, yes it's a phoenix truck. truck is running the # 126 so jibes with what your saying. it's just showed up on CL today...


The Godfather
Buy it.Bruce it could be done sooner than the cruiser
Not Larry Noels . It was my 1st project. bought a JD Squared Model 1 Bender and a Miller 250 and built my H/F version of a prerunner circa 1988. Copied the old Hayhauler front and Scoops Nelson and Nelson rear. thought Rory might recognize it ? i bought it in Kingman with that fresh paint job but all stock. Used to chase for Nolte and Monroe hence the 126. You didn't miss anything, back then a 25 yr old with a bender and a welder and no clue was a dangerous thing!