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May 17, 2009
murrieta ca
My name is David. I have a duel sport car and would like to meet other owner/drivers to go to the desert with for day or multi trips. I live in Murrieta and can go any direction within 2 hours for day trips or further for multi day trips. I have a well maintained car with all the good stuff. I would prefer to go out with cars or trucks that are also in good mechanical condition so we are not working on them or worst towing them back. I don't mind helping or towing someone back if they break something on the trail but I hate spending my day helping someone who did not come prepared. I have a wife and 2 girls 8 & 10 who love riding quads and get along great with other kids. They love to camp so I am looking for families with common interest to camp with. We have quads, a side by side, motorcycle and the four seat duel sport and I love to play with all of them. My wife and I prefer to spend our time playing rather than sitting around drinking all day. Now thats not to say we don't have a few cocktails when the time time is right but I am not interested in hanging out with a bunch of loud drunks telling the same stories over and over. The day trips would most likely just be me and a co- driver and not include my family. My wife does not like to go as fast as I due so the day trips are more for me to get my need for speed fix! I am open to just about anything when it comes to driving.