Anza off road practice track weds 12/3 & sat 12/7


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anza track open wed and sat great place to get your car truck buggy utv or tk ready for glen helen great track with off road loop super fun and safe ..our prices 200p4 p2 150pl 150sb 75utv 100/1600 trophy karts have their own awsome track i know the kids and parents will love it come out and try it 40$ 9am /4pm any questions please call me ,SCOTT BELL 951 234/4869 or 951 677/5864 hwy 371 5 min, past cahuilla casino

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Nice threadjack in the Elsinore test track thread!

In case you didn't notice that thread was posted to let people know that Elsinore is open to CORR type vehicles for testing on Tuesdays. If I'm not mistaken, your test day is wednesday...

Anyhow, every CORR racer that I have spoken to that has tested in Elsinore raves about how it is THE BEST TEST FACILITY for CORR tracks...

Here's the link to the thread about the Elsinore test track in case you didn't notice that was the thread you jumped into...


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Nice jump yourself Brian, walk the talk, Anza is always graded and watered, 100% preped.. The plan was never to try to make a Corr track, it was made to test both driver and machine... when are you comming out?

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Walk the talk? Are you saying that you purposefully jumped into someone else's thread like I did? Anyhow, I hope you guys can get people to come out to your facility. Just the same, I hope the other place does too! I have been out to Cahuilla (sp?) to see the track... definitely plenty of land!

Maybe I shouldn't have been the one to spout off about you posting in a competitor's thread, it just irk's me to see that happen.


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just so you now Anza test track has posted threds for the past 5 months so if anyone is jacking threds it is them both tracks have alot to offer but is is hard to beet the attintion you get from Scott Bell


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The hospitality that Scott Bell offers at his track is unreal. Ive been to both tracks many times and while both have something to offer drivers, I make the trip to the Anza track because of Scott. I'm not picking sides, just tellin it how it is from the experiences I have had from countless hours I have spent at both tracks.