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are Dodge Rams worth building up


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I've been looking at all types of trucks and was wondering if the 2wd 92-98 dodge ram is worth building up? I like the 5.9ltr, but suspension choice is limited.
Any help would be appriciated.


Paul with RDC has one. He used CST upper a-arms with eibach springs and something like 33" tires. In the rear custom made blocks.

The arms are so-so ok, but steering is limited as the tire rubs against it under hard steering. Paul is now considering building his own arms.

I'll try to get him to post here otherwise just e-mail him: paul@race-dezert.com


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Donahoes wife Paige drives a 2WD Dodge ram with glass fenders, I dont remeber if its built or not?

Paige, maybe you could chime in?


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is paige's kinda a bronze color, and frequently parked by the big halloween shop off the 5 fwy?? i see it everyday on my way to work....


- users no longer part of the rdc family -
I agree with dirtworks7, my friend had a lot of trouble w/ his stock Ram, and it never saw the dirt. I
don't think that there is much suspension wise either, I would go with the Bowtie.


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There's not lots of stuff out there (budget wise) most stuff would have to be fabricated. There is some stuff if you want to go the Fabtech route, the route I wouldn't go personally. Hit up Donahoe in Anaheim


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Paige Drives my pre-runner as a daily driver... Its a 96 Dodge Ram... Glass fenders...DEAVER rear Springs.....my A-arms.....and Bilstiens... Its been to the tip of La paz twice and pre-ran the whole baja 2000 and all the races of 98-99-2000.... Good truck but relitivly stock. 200,000.00 miles on her too..