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Are YOU going to be in the new DUST 2 Glory


When we were at the 500 I bumped into some camera crews and was told they were filming for the new dust to glory movie. It was my understanding that some teams we're going to be featured but that also the whole race for everyone was also to be covered.

I haven't heard anyone saying that they were a featured team and I also never saw any camera crews down there for that 1000 that I confirmed were part of the dust to glory film crew.

I thought there was a thread that said that people could submit footage to Dana for the movie but here on RDC I don't recall seeing any chatter about people who have done so.

Like the rest of you I am pretty excited about this new movie and I'm wondering what we can expect. Anyone know anything?

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The film crews had candid boom mics and cameras at the finish of the rosarito race, doubt we will make the final cut but it gives us hope!

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Lord Green

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Don't hold your breath. They were filming for D2G2 at the 2014 NORRA 1000 and I haven't heard a word about it for a long time.


I saw some film guys during contingency at the 1000 this year. Yellow vest with "media" in the front, the on the back said Dust to Glory2. Filmed all around me, the car in front of me, but not me.. oh well maybe I'll make a different shot



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I appeared twice in the 1st Dust To Glory so I'm not worried about being in the 2nd....:D:D:D


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They were at this years 1000. Had a few side by sides, as well as at least 1 4 seater buggy with cameras mounted on them. they were based out of the the Bahia hotel.


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2016 Baja 1000 @ race mile 171.....

Rory Ward 2016 B1K.JPG


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Pics where are the pics...You had better not be in your "Digger" suit

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In one shot I'm in the Digger Suit in the baseball arena, in another I'm pushing the crashed Ostrich farm vehicle onto it's trailer....


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Dana Brown filmed my team and interviewed me at the finish of the 2016 1000. Don't know if he was more impressed by the old quad, old rider, or last place finish....


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Go rusty! Man, I should have taken a section this year!


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Was there working on it. Dana said if anyone has good footage in 4k send it to him.... you can be a star...haha


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Score played the first trailer for the movie at the banquet last night. Man, as soon as Dana's voice comes on it's just serious goosebumps. Can't wait.

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