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Arizona Desert Race

Kyle Krause

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This is the longest offroad race in Arizona so get your machines ready for some fun Feb 10-11, 2018 and race Arizona Offroad Promotions Vulture Mine Hare Scrambles..

Spread the word. If you can't read the flyer go to www.azopracing.comand we will have the flyer posted there soon..



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Kyle, the flyer says reg/tech 6-9 am Sat morning. I'm coming from Colorado for the quad race, will have trouble getting there before noon Saturday. Will I be able to race or are those times written in stone?


Kyle Krause

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Plan accordingly:

Motorists on Saturday morning can expect slow-going through Wickenburg, where the parade route for the annual Gold Rush Days will close a portion of U.S. 60.
The closures are scheduled from 9:30 a.m. to noon between mileposts 107 and 110, according to Arizona Department of Transportation.

Eastbound drivers who want to avoid the closure can use Vulture Mine Road north to U.S. 93, then take southbound U.S. 93 to reconnect to U.S. 60.

Westbound drivers can use the northbound U.S. 93 bypass to Vulture Mine Road, then southbound Vulture Mine Road back to U.S. 60.


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Bummed I am going to miss this one after racing it the last two years. But with a baby on the way in a few months, moving into a new house in the beginning of March it is just not in the cards. Good luck to everybody! This race is a blast!


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I led that race twice back in the Whiplash days in the Open Expert class. But both times I had mechanical issues. One year I didn't get my rear axle nut tight enough with a large lead on the first lap and had to limp in with vice grips holding my axle in place. The next year I was leading on adjusted time at the end of the first lap and leaving the pit area I was on the gas through the whoops and got a flat rear tire. I should have cut through the desert back to the pits and put my spare wheel on, but I was afraid they would DQ me for that, so I rode the entire 17 mile loop with a flat as fast as I could. I put my spare rear wheel on and went out for the last lap and made up several positions, but could only muster a 4th place if I recall correctly.

I was in the top 3 a couple of other times, but the win always eluded me.

I enjoyed that race, because it was rough and difficult. I was usually pretty good in the rough because the rougher it got the more challenging and I loved a challenge.