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Arizona Extreme Rally-Desert Class Off-Road Team Challenge Championship


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Date: Sept 12 /13th, 2014
Location: Kingman, AZ @ AZ RT 66 Motosport Park (Largest dirt motorsport park in USA)
Format: 130 stage compeition miles of over 90 sweeping turns, hard lefts/rights. Friday is night stages. Saturday afternoon to evening stages with a shortcourse and jump and go out to the stages from there.
Entry Fee: $650.00 for both days or $550 either day of competition.
Host Hotel: Ramada Inn with pool, restaurant and bar on the premises. Rally rate: $69.00/night. Ask for the Arizona Extreme Rally rate. 928-753-6262 (registration is here)
Alternative Hotel: Days Inn at 928-753-7500 (just walking distance from each other) - Rally rate is $45.00/night and ask for the Arizona Extreme Rally rate.
Run under Desert Class: Open, etc.
Last year we had a trophy truck, UTVs, Buggy that cam out to compete. They had a blast to finally able to compete in a rally. The stage roads are designed by us ralliest that I considered the most technical and challenging rally around. The off-road teams were tired but who won the Desert Class Challenge did say;"Now I understand why you guys do less mileage than a average off-road event." It is pretty damn technical.!" When they got a trophy the event and again at the Bilstein Southwest RallyCup Series presented by Lucas Oil. They felt they won BIG time.
Well we have a even better challenge this year! We are calling out to off-road teams to meet the challenge again by doing Friday night and then Saturday which are two seperate events. Here is this challenge! If you win the Desert Class Challenge Championship. You will win some prize money, some Lucas Oil Product. AND YOU get to go to Team O'Neil Rally School which all of this is valued over $2500.00's! But all of the podium winners will win Lucas Oil product, trophy and some prize money. Winning team will be on the Jim Beaver Down and Dirty Radio Show. To talk about your experience.
So what are we taking for Desert Class? Trophy Trucks, UTV's(2 seaters), Jeepspeed, etc. We will inspect via a off-road technical inspector. We did a few BITD classes last year. So we will expand on it this year.

General Event Schedule is up on www.arizonaextremerally.com along with our video from last year.
Competitor Registration and tech inspection on Thursday night and Friday.
Check the Schedule on website.
For Saturday Only Teams; we have recce and registration early.
2 Pass Recce for dual on Friday afternoon - write your own notes and you get a routebook to use as well.
Friday night competition.
Start back up Saturday late morning , w a service break with lunch with food vendors there cooking up BBQ for lunch.
Competition willend around 7PM and back to the hotel for awards party celebration with a champagne spray of the winners.
AND this year; we will be doing live internet streaming TV from Jim of SURFRAT.TV. Our SWRC media team has a camera drone to meet the needs of coner action and at start and finish within the shortcourse area.All day Saturday. If you like to put a team ad or business commercial on that day and we may expand on Friday night. Contact me for prices.
ALSO: You are going against the clock. So we will be doing competitors in groups of 5-6 teams. So that if you want to share your expenses in one vehicle to compete. You can do so by being in the first group and your team mate who wants to compete can be in the last group but you are seperate entrees. But you can share expenses on fuel, service crew, etc. More information contact me and will bein the 2014 Supplemental Regulations to be uploaded to the event website this coming week.
This is how we bring rallying and off-road together. Last year the off-road and rally teams really had a great time together.
So if you are up for the challenge register on www.arizonzextremerally.com.
Denise McMahon
Organizer - Arizona Extreme Rally
Series Director- Bilstein Southwest RallyCup Series presented by Lucas Oil
Organizers HP Rally Group, LLC
[email protected]
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It looks like we will have a few Jeepspeed teams coming along with a Sr1 team...cool.!