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This was taken from the Whiplash off road site. Do what you can, I dont know much about this deal but thought it is realevent for you to know.

Jeff Henson ATV 150
Blue Ribbon Coalition Magazine- December 2001
The Cinder Hills OHV area is located in Flagstaff, Arizona,
and consists of approximately 13,000 acres for OHV
recreation. Neighboring the Cinder Hills OHV area is the
Sunset Crater National Monument, which consists of
approximately 30,000 acres. The National Park Service (NPS)
has been working on new management plans for the Monument,
which contain three alternative proposals. In the draft
proposal, alternative 1 suggests that the Sunset Crater
Monument be expanded past their existing boundary into the
OHV area, which would lead to more expansion later. The
other two alternatives want to take over almost the entire
OHV area and close it off completely to all OHV use. OHVers
want to keep this beautiful recreation area open, but they
need our help. The NPS has asked for input about the
alternatives and we all need to respond. Let the NPS know
that we value our OHV areas. Write a letter and stress the
fact that we DO NOT want the Monument to expand into the
Cinder Hills Area. Ask them to please leave Cinder Hills as
it is. The NPS is required to give consideration to all
public input, and comments will be accepted until December
28th. The letters must be sent to the following address:

Superintendant Flagstaff Area National Parks
Attn: Sam Henderson
6400 N. Hwy 89
Flagstaff, AZ 86004

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thi ssucks! we have gone to the cinders before and it is great in the summer because of the altitude. we have been planning a cinders/grand canyon/ corral pink sands trip for the near future. when will it stop?

i just want everyone to understand something. we all bitch about the blm, but in the pecking order of the previous administration in washington d.c., they were the bottom rung. when it came time for land closures, nobody did it better for clinton the the national park service. look at all the monuments he created as he left office. these guys were his s.s.. after them is the forest service, then the blm. the reason? the national park service was much smaller and easier to fill with econazis fresh from their socail engineering at college. the forest service has always attracted a lot of green thinking individuals due to its' actual workload, and the blm was for the folks who liked being outdoors in areas many would consider ugly, like the desert. most of the folks who entered service of the blm 20 years ago did so because they liked the activities that occured there, like offroading, rock hounding, hunting, etc...all politically incorrect these days. clinton tried hard to infuse new management into the agency, but there are still plenty of blm folk who value our way of life. remember this when you look at who's who in the zoo. the national park aervice is the death blow to us.

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I dont know when it will happen, I was just reading it last night on the whiplash site and thought it was worth posting. I dont know any more than what I posted that was taken directly from whiplash.

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I don't know if it'll help - but I passed this along to some folks

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