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Arizona Peace Trail question


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Have a small group interested in running parts of the Arizona Peace Trail..... My main question is how my full size crewcab linked 2wd pre-runner will do. Is this more suited for jeeps and SxS? Are there better sections for full size 2wd (north end vs. south)?
Thanks for your input.

JWK Motorsports

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I've never heard of this trail until I was standing in line at fox's back in january. He was wearing a shirt that had the trail on it and I basically asked the same thing. He said there are a few spots where a full size pick up will not go through unless you have 4wd.. Hopefully more experienced people will chime in with what sections to stay away from.


Nimrod de PMC

Their site has a lot of great info and some contacts for more information.

Searching youtube will help a lot as well. From what I have seen in person a 2wd truck with experience will do fine, but I know their are some really tight spots.

Kyle Whitted

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We have done the AZ Peace Trail a couple of times. Last year we did all 700 or so miles. You will not be able to make it over the Hualapei (sp) mountains south of Kingman because the trail is pretty narrow and steep with pretty sizable rocks in a lot of places. We needed 4WD in the RZRs a lot of the time going through that section, and it took about six hours. But I think there is a bypass route around it, and most places along the trail have some sort of bypass for Jeeps, etc if the trail get too narrow. You would just need to download the gps file on their website. It has tons of offshoot trails to do as well. It's really a lot of fun, and tons of cool stuff to see, just make sure to take whatever supplies and parts you think you'll need, because there are a lot of miles between towns, and not all of them even have gas.


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I'll bet there's a lot of RZR stubble* on that trail (*the washboard left behind by UTV's)


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We did all the trail south of the 10, as a loop out of Yuma in 4 seat prerunners. Stayed the night in Quartzite. Your truck would be fine for that whole section except for the part between Cibola and Quartzite. We took the hard way and made it, but had to stack rocks in some spots. There is an easy bypass, but we didn't know about it at the time. It was a great weekend. I recommend it! Only Razor burn is when your close to the river.