art carr c4 shifter into ranger w/manual


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Has anyone put an art carr shifter in a ranger? did you have to do anything special?Looks to me that I might have to fabb a plate for mounting or cutt into the floor a little so it will fit. I havent started taking the stock stuff out but was interested if anyone knew what I might have to do. It will give me a better idea if I will need to go get some plate or anything else,before I start. pictures would be awsome thanks

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You didn't mention it in your post but I am assuming you are converting from a stick to an auto trans. I just finished installing mine and I took some 1/8 aluminum and covered the hole from the original transmission. Then moved the new shifter around until it was in a fairly comfortable place for me and bolted it down. The photo was prior to installation, and running the cable through the bottom of the cab. Eventually I'm planning to install a new dash, and I'll probably move it from the floor, up and closer to the steering wheel.


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If you have the factory console...mount it in is very ergonomic.

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