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Before I throw down $2000k for a C6 transmission from Art Carr I wanted to hear some feedback good or bad about them.

How does Trans Pro, Trans Werks, Rancho Transmission, Mogi, etc compare or do they all do about the same thing?




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As long as you get it from Art Carr here in California...NOT TEXAS, you get a great trans and not a bad price. Although I don't have experience with Mogi..I have never heard a bad thing, but you will most likely pay more then $2k. Culhane also does very awesome work. JG transwerks I have heard is very expensive...I had a $250 gift certificate for them and I was told...that it would "get me in the door". be sure to run a TCS can call Ryan at TCS and I am sure he can give you the low down on all the shops you have listed.

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Trans Pros did mine and it's kickin ass. I know they also did Crayfish racing which is who turned me onto them and they were satisfied also. Turn around was pretty fast. They've also taken care of me since with free fluid flushes and inspections.


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<A target="_blank" HREF=> Culane Transmissions </A> (909) 678-1669 Steve is the best for C6's, end of story!


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scott, someone on the RDZ classifieds was selling an f150 with a mogi transmission, you could try contacting him if the add is still there.

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I talked to Steve,

He recommended I use a Turbo 400, but thats out of my budget. He had some interesting things to say about the C6. He recommended not to run the wide ratio, from 2nd to 3rd is too big of a jump plus you dont need that low of a 1st gear when you have a big motor in front of it.

He also recommended I run a motor plate with it.

Most likely I'll go with him on the transmission because of his background and being involved in the sport so much. Plus he's local, so I'm not shipping a transmission in from out of state.

Thanks for the recommendation everyone.