ASA Letter


Don't know if any of you guys are in ASA or any of the other groups fighting the "GREENS" but if you got the latest letter read it and pass it around. We are making some headway but sometimes it feels like we take one step forward and two back. If you aren't acquainted with the CBD (Center for Biological Diversity) or similar groups, they want us to sit on the couch like them!! They fail to realize what "They" have done to our recreation and the habitat in general, i.e. the wild fires this Summer in the forests they closed to logging and ended up terribly over grown and choked with under growth. Now they want to save a beetle in the dunes now that we've shown they are a pack of liars on the Piersons Milk Vetch!! Their sanctimonious drivel drives me nuts when they are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites!! Where does the food they eat come from? Farming, the clothes they wear, Farming and Oil Wells, the wire in their computers and TV's? Mining and so on... they are after us in any way, be it legal or any other under handed means possible. I figure it has to be pure jealousy, they are not smart enough to super tune a bike, build a buggy or help clean up dunes and off road areas they say they hike on but no one ever sees them?? Get together people or we'll all have garages and shops full of dusty stuff and broken dreams!!!

Beach n Dunes