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Apr 1, 2001
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Dear ASA Member,

Easter weekend in the South Dunes (Buttercup, Gordon's Well area), the
ASA needs volunteers to provide transportation in the dunes for our
biological team.

As you may be aware, our biological studies have played a major role in
the management of the Imperial Sand dunes and the new management plan.
These studies have worked to our favor in keeping dunes open and
reopening, to a degree, the current closures in the new management plan.

With the recent rains, we have once again been handed a golden
opportunity to further prove that the Peirson's Milk Vetch is not endangered.
Let's take advantage of this good fortune while we can.

Any mode of transportation will be helpful: 2 or 4 seat buggies, jeeps,
or 4 WD pickups are needed. Please help to keep the dunes open any way
you can.

For all the details, contact Grant George the ASA Biological chairman
at 909-421-2558 or email him at

Thank you for your support.
American Sand Association, Inc.
Unite, Inform and Mobilize to keep Sand Riding Areas open

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