Ask Robby and Sheldon Anything


Feel free to post your questions for Robby Gordon and Sheldon Creed anything you like regarding Dakar 2016. We will collect the best questions and sit down with both of them to get them answered as best as possible and then post the answers here. Deadline is end of day today... so get them in on the 29th and we should have something in the next 1-2 days.


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will there be road to dakar 2016 episode?

Short Bus

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What, if any, changes were made to the Gordini since last January? Obviously I don't expect RG to provide exact details of changes, but were there any significant hardware changes made to improve performance or were changes mostly made for durability reasons?

Are there different shock/spring settings in each car based on driver preferences? Does RG set them up based on his experience or did Sheldon get some input based on his driving style?

Do they change suspension settings daily during the race depending upon the expected terrain? Are there "WRC" settings vs. off-piste stage settings?


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I have heard that Sheldon Creed will be the youngest DOR at a Dakar event. Does the added attention to the team bring more pressure to do well? Showing up with 2 Gordonis is definitely a step towards more stage wins and hopefully a Dakar victory! Good luck Planet Robby!!!

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Chris Tobin

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Robby--After mentoring Sheldon over these past few years what made you feel that this is the year to put him in a Gordini for Dakar?
Were you tired of seeing his taillights in the SST series?
What are your expectations for Sheldon? (follow-up) Do you expect him to finish in the top-20, or challenge for a top-10 finish with some podium stage finishes?
What will you consider a successful 2016 Dakar campaign?
Would you be happier with both Gordinis finishing in the top-10 overall or with one on the podium and one 15th or worse?

Sheldon--Is the fact that you are the youngest competitor in Dakar intimidating?
What training/practice regimen have you been working on to ensure the best possible outcome for Dakar?
What are your hopes/expectations for yourself in your first Rally Raid event ever? (follow-up) Would you rather get a stage win in your first Dakar or finish the race in the top-20?
Do you feel that your success in the SST series and trucks will translate well to the Gordini and the Dakar race?
How much time have you had driving with a navigator in your ear?
Dakar is exciting! Love following via Race Dezert & Planet Robby.

Will Sheldon be allowed to physically pass Robby during a stage?


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Will RG stop if second car will have troubles (I wish itl never happen) and he will have chanses to fight for the victory?

WI'll he quit if he will win? =)


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Robby, how much has the Gordini evolved as a platform the past few years? On the outside it looks almost the same, but underneath I know there have been countless refinements.

Bryan J

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Is Sheldon going down to be the B team player for Robby? Similar strategy as the larger factory teams?


Bait Fish
What do you like more, Baja Tacos or Argentinian asado ?


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How much has the support crew grown to support prepping two cars? Is there a Freightliner to support each car?