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Somewhere around Pit 6 at the Armagosa Junction, a photographer caught a sequence of one of our Rescue Trucks towing a truck through the silt. Please if anyone sees it posted or knows who it is let me know. Hoping to add it to warehouse walls!

David Nehrbass
Motorsports Safety Solutions

J Prich

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also any shots of #4568 ( green Toyota ) would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
Was excited to see you guys at the finish. Great job in chugging along and getting through all of the challenges out there!


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also any shots of #4568 ( green Toyota ) would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
I got 4 pics of ya HERE is pic 1 then click right arrow for the other 4
2018 Pahrump Nugget 250 - BITD - PICS $20 ea or whole Sequential series $50

I can photoshop them and MUCH improve them if you are interested in purchase, I can do that then repost a small gallery (custom) for you to re-check them out
unfortunately I didnt have a press pass so no silt shots etc, but I do have the first dip jump just before mile 1 from start - PLUS I have a video clip of you passing by there.... I can do $60 for custom vidclip + all 4 pics (photoshop enhanced) and can add your name & racer # and any sponsors etc, to a copy image of one of the pix - pictures are HIGH REZ Canon 7D Mark II used

all pix HERE Pahrump 250 race photos 2018 all images copyright Paul Cichocki LasVegasPix Photography

here is a sample video clip from the race (yours wouldnt have the COPYRIGHT STAMP nor would the pix), although I do believe the video I have of you (near to the end of all racers) is a static cam shot (not panning) pass by clip

I did not stick around past 145pm I was @ MM239 powerline rd so didnt get ya there

this pic is 5 times smaller than the origiinal