Attention 7 Open (Next CODE Race)


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May 18, 2001
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Mexicali, Baja, Mexico
I was speaking too Joaquin (CODE's promoter) and have toll us that on the next CODE Race on San Felipe (April 26- 28), HomeSaga from Ensenada its going too give $3,000 Dlls (It was going too be $1,500 Dlls for this and every race of the serires, but he won soo its going too be $3,000 for San Felipe's) for the first 7 Open too cross the finish line, but it have too run with a 4.0 liter motor or less (That's why this race race ther were about 10 or 11 trucks on the class), and also CODE its going too put some other money (Think its going too have around $4,000 Dlls +/-).
If you want too now more info on this Race you can email too:, you can contact Joaquin.

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