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To those of you that had images hosted on the SuperTrucksUnlimited.com servers you probably already know this... they no longer work. That's because SuperTrucks Unlimited, Inc. has ceased operations and the website has been taken down - permanently.

Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.




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STU went belly up? Are they going to merge back into CST like they were before? I am still looking for a long travel kit for my chevy...LOL...something tells me I'll be old and blind before someone does one. I am thinking just buying a 2wd ex cab, and building that, much easier =)


Build it like a Rhino, and Leave it be.


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Jeff, are california supertrucks long travel kits still gonna be available... I want to get the ford kit really bad. Hopefully they'll keep that up, seems like they had a good thing going with those kits.


Here's the deal... And I'll be as brief as I can, I have a tendency to get long winded...

Kevin and Chris were 50/50 partners in California SuperTrucks. That relationship was put under tremendous stress a couple years ago and finally came to a resolution a few months ago...

Chris now owns all the manufacturing rights to CST products, including the California SuperTrucks name. Chris has a new manufacturing facility that will allow him to EXPAND that end of the business. If anything, CST products will be MUCH easier to get in the coming months.

Kevin retains the San Bernardino location and whatever equipment and inventory it has in it. Basically Chris goes off and does his Fab thing and Kevin does his retail and install thing. The San Bernardino location will benefit from the fab end of the business leaving because it will open up tons of room for installations.

The Riverside location, formerly known as SuperTrucks Unlimited, was making it impossible for Kevin to run both stores properly. Kevins partners at the Riverside location split and left him running the show solo. It was either have two stores doing so-so, or concentrate on one store and make it kick ass. Kevin decided it was time to focus all of his energy on one location.

The San Bernardino location is now legally known as Kevin Conlin's SuperTrucks... but it appears that everyone is just calling SuperTrucks for short.

Sum it all up:

SuperTrucks Unlimited in Riverside = Closed For Good
California SuperTrucks = Chris Robinson Manufacturing Only (for now???)
Kevin Conlin's SuperTrucks = Newly re-named San Bernardino retail / install location

All products are still available and should be easier to find now that supply will more closely meet demand.

Hope this clears it all up.