ATV/Dirtbike Pollution..Students Used as Puppets


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Go here to read about how students were forced to write letters about how ATV's and dirtbikes are major contributors to pollution.......this is VERY SAD and frustrating.....

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randy-thanks for just another verification of the mind controlling education system in this country. it is more proof that the war being waged against us began long ago by the enviro zealots. they palnned for this war before we even knew it was coming. what better way to end our freedom and rights than to change the mindset of the next generation. the impressionable minds of young students are taught to listen in school to learn, learn math, reading, writing, history... but also what is right and wrong. here we see a teacher using the bully pulpit of the chalkboard to brainwash children into taking her beliefs as fact when they are not ready to make their own opinions on the subject. to force someone to do something against their will is tantamount to slavery. i was not aware that slavery was a part of the enviro poltical agenda. now i know. from uc berkeley and ucsc to this little classroom in conneticut and all the other places that force a political agenda on students with the reprisal of failling if they do not conform to the ideal, this is the weapon of attack they have used for 20 years, and it is finally coming to fruition for them. as i have seen over and over with these groups, you can change the minds with subversion and threats, but you cannot change the facts. if the facts don't support their argument, than attack the individual stating the facts. win at any cost, even if you have to revert to brainwashing to do it. as tha saying goes...the truth is out there...

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