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To all you ATV riders out there. Keep it up. As well as some of the under supported classes. Some of the most inovative ideas for atv,s come from the guys who support and race in this class. Bikes have pretty good support from the factory. I am not complaining at all but these guys deserve some credit. I see many names transferred up to the car/truck ranks from the ATV ranks. Many guys keep this sport alive and too many to mention, as well as gals. ATV riders are out there, working hard and need a little more recognition. Give us some more ink in the major publications. Come on now. We deserve it. Think about it. Who remembers the days of the 1982 Parker 400 when the ATC was a added attraction and no one thought that Marty Hart and company would finish. Proud to be an ATV racer..... Marc Choquette