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Autofab Dana 35 Kit


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I just picked up an autofab kit(stage 2) and i was wondering if anyone knows a reference point to measure off of to drill my frame for the extended radius arms, or any other method of installation. Also any other hints for installation would be great. I am giving myself a good week to install the entire kit. I also had a question about swaping the beams. I was thinking it would be easier to just pop off the brake line and remove the entire steering knuckle without taking off the brake and hub assembly, then remove the keystone clamps on the passenger side to allow the beams to split apart?
Thanks once again for any useful information you can spare.

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When mounting the radius arms. Bolt the radius arms to the I-Beams, then attach the mounting bracket to the radius arm. Jack up the I-Beam to full bump and center the beam
on the bump stop. Then mark your holes for the radius arm bracket, and drill.