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Note: The lastest issue of Autoweek Magazine (a big time general interest racing weekly covering auto industry news, CART, IRL, NASCAR and rally racing) featured a big ol' shot of someone's class one flying off the Laughlin Leap with a caption that said Laughlin, not Daytona, is now the kick-off race of the 2002 season. Nice.


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That would be Dale Ebberts two seat Jimco 2000 Toyota powered class 1. Great to see a pick of off-road racing in that mag. They did do a 6 page spread on the Baja 2000, with the cover of the mag featuring a Wide Open Baja Challenge Chenowth car. All the publicity the sport gets the better! The caption under the photo, said something like SCORE kicks off the 2002 race season. And the Laughlin Leap is 10 feet high, which is a bit of an exaggeration, but no big deal.