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We have an ambitious year ahead of us in 2019 with the sixth annual AVE/BP RACING "PURE UTV OFF-ROAD DEZERT SERIES," starting January 26 and our brand new PURE UTV SUPER-C/X Closed-Course Series, which starts April 20.

A total of 10 events are slated for 2019. All will start and finish at the ALTA VISTA Ranch, 138th & Proctor - Cal City Annex. If you have a UTV, whether all tricked out to race or to play or you are just getting started with a bone stock vehicle, WE HAVE A CLASS FOR YOU, INCLUDING AN ALL-GIRL CLASS & KIDS "170" CLASS.
And to make it even better, you won't have to take a second mortgage on your house to pay for your entry or spend your kid's college fund to race with us. However, you are going to have the most fun of any of the races around. Great racers, great crews and families are the rule not the exception. And when you get home, you'll have a smile on your face because there is still money in your account. You did it all in one action-packed day, and cut the costs considerably.

Our entries for Pros and Amateurs/Sportsman are the lowest in the Country!

The PURE UTV Series will take place all in one day! Pre-entry highly recommended no later than the Friday, before the race, by 6 p.m. Earlier entries also get special offerings.

Late Registration, plus Tech opens Saturday at 8 am, race starts at 12 pm (Noon), and races vary from 150 miles to 300+ miles in total distance. Course length also vary from 30 miles long up to 70-75 for the "300."
More importantly, you won't need a lawyer to help you get to your car during the race, should it be necessary. We will help you get to your spot in the safest, easiest and less obtrusive way possible.
We don't use the same course twice in one year, therefore, most of the courses are brand new to most. Moreover, we race on "un-maintained" County roads, easements and grandfathered trails. That's why we can keep the entry fees low. We are also working on personal coverage that it is going to be the game-changer for the sport,

Now here is the kicker: NO-PRE RUNNING (Everyone is on the same boat.) - COURSES ARE GPS BASED (You'll need a GPS unit), and since it happens all in one day, you won't need to take off early from work, take a weekend off of doing your favorite yard-work or "Honey-dos" to have to pre-run the week before. Your better half will love you for it.

You are welcome!

Get your killer UTV ready for our first race. Check out our 2019 Race Calendar. You are going to love it. Also visit: www.averacing.com for more details.


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