AVI Class 9 race summary


Rain the week before the AVI produced a race with absolutely no dust. A great showing with 19 cars starting made for a great race. The starting order was as follows:
1. 908 - Graves
2. 953 - Schickling
3. 925 - Poling
4. 904 - Desoust
5. 923 - Shemp
6. 933 - Kelty
7. 915 - Hughes
8. 906 - Pool
9. 950 - Shank
10. 932 - Thatcher
11. 969 - Kelly
12. 985 - Burns
13. 931 - Duncan
14. 977 - Neal
15. 900 - Walters
16. 947 - Forte
17. 949 - Tapert
18. 944 - Dickton
19. 989 - Torres

On Lap 1 Dickton lead the pack with a 1:06:35 lap. He was folled by Torres, Walters(who rolled lap 1), and Pool all within 1 minute. Hughes was next, followed by Graves, Desoust and Kelty. Next came Kelly, Burns, Poling, Shimp, and Forte.
Those that fell to mechanical failures were, Thatcher who had transmission problems for a very long first lap. Neal broke an axle. Tapert broke a ring and pinion. Shank, Duncan, and Schickling also broke on the first lap.

On lap 2 Dickton broke a ring and pinion. Torres also had transmission problems. This left Walters with the lead. Pool was a close second about 30 seconds behind. Hughes, Graves, and Desoust followed within 10 minutes of the leader. They were followed by Burns, Poling, Kelly, Forte and Shimp. Kelly had a longer lap due to ball joint problems.

Lap 3 saw Walters increase their lead with a 1:08:15 lap. Pool was next about 4 minutes back (after a fuel line problem that cost them a couple of minutes), followed by Hughes about 15 seconds out of 2nd. Graves, Desoust, Kelly, Burns, Forte, and Poling rounded out those completing the third lap. Shimp did not complete his third lap.

Lap 4 all positions stayed the same.

Walters Led lap 5 to the win. Pool earned second, a little less than 7 minutes out of first. About a mile before the the finish Pool tangled with a 16 car and broke a spindle. Hughes came in 3rd about 1:20 out of second. Desoust got 4th follwed by Graves 5th, Kelly 6th, Burns 7th, Poling 8th, and Forte 9th.

Congats to all the finishers! With less than a 50% finish rate, the AVI proved to be a tough course!

If I got something wrong, or you have more information to add, please post it here!


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First of all, thanks for the summary. I would like to put it on F9 if it's OK. Second, did you get any pictures? Third, how is the car after the rollover?
Mike Hinson-F9


1. Go ahead and use it on F9 if you would like. 2. No pictures here. One of our pit crew may have taken a few, but i'm not sure. 3. The car is fine, just a bent roof latch.