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I’ve been fighting an uphill battle with this truck since day one. And I have been on the bad end a company screwing up my truck and being as unscrupulous as one can imagine, and it just drained my funds.

So when I deal with a person or shop that really goes the distance, I want them to get the kudos they rightly deserve.

ive Been struggling, or rather waiting forever for a fabricated upper control arm that uses a uniball in order to maximize factory droop and compression on my truck. (And still awaiting fora cage/heim steering linkage for the same reasons.) Its been an 18 month wait and still ticking.
long story short, the pin for the uniballs did not fit. Not even kind of. And unfortunately the stock ball joints were beyond done and GM makes you replace the whole arm which ups the price.

being it’s SEMA time, no one is available for weeks before... so it wasnt easy to get guidance from the fabricator.

so I took a risk from baja kits to see if their piece would fit. It was close ish, but too tall and not a great fit. They don’t make custom parts so that was out.
I was running into dead end after dead end calling machine shops and fabricators.

@Josh 8 pm’d me and suggested I call Dave at advanced machining dynamics
Dave has me send some pics, and describe my situation. He said no problem but it will take some hours to make a mock up that fits correctly and then machine the baja kits one down. (If possible)... and the other pins most likely wouldn’t work for a host of reasons but to send those and an upright over to him.

I Ups’d the parts to him and the day after he got them he emailed me a pic of the pieces done!
He called me and we chatted and I learned. He schooled me on leverage and pressures and how these things work and past truck parts that broke and why... and just tons and tons of knowledge. these guys make some parts for some serious teams. Well, there are probably a ton of folks here who use them and I’m preaching to the choir

then he said he would ship them out. Now it took 5 days or so for my box to reach him and him returning is only taking 2 days.
thats pretty nice in a world where most shops send things the slowest (read: cheapest) way possible.

on top of all that, he knew i was in a bind and could have raked my wife’s wallet over the coals, (as one machine shop who did say maybe, estimated a potential cost) but the bill is amazingly cheaper than reasonable. I’m very very happy. At the end of the day I’m into this project waaaaymore than it should be.

anyways, a huge thanks to Dave at AMD...thank you for bailing me out. My truck has driven once Offroad since last November and that was scary when I noticed how shot the BJ’s were. It was scary to drive.

I can’t wait to get this thing back together and out on the trail!

Thank you Dave! Hold the line brother! Even if it’s from the sky!


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Thank you, I didn’t know what his screen name is.... seriously, @Dave_G ...thank you for your time!

Josh 8

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Dave is alright. But it’s Wally that’s the brains behind the operation.

Just loling.

It’s a great shop. And great guys. And great friends.

Dave does the spinning and Wally does the milling.


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It was nice working with some proper criminals...
(What movie is that quote from?)

Lolz when I get my personal stuff back in order (I’m a 43 yr old mess)... And I get my fun nest egg back... I wish I could swing having some stuff built by that level shops!

alas, my full truck suspension budget may cover a hair over one corner lol 😂


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Glad we could help out and good luck on the truck project.


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A friend bought a baja kits set up for his zr2. They sent him a pair of uniball pins that were too short. When they sent him the correct ones (the same tall ones they sent me that Dave here redid), I noticed that the short ones were the exact height version I needed.

why they didn’t send me those when I asked I don’t know. But it is what it is.

my friend gave me the short ones so I could have them as a back up.

I dropped them in my spare set of knuckles to double check fitment...

here is what I found:

-BK’s taper was loose. Dropped in no issue, but not a tight fit. Using those tapered pins, Some day that knuckle will need to be deemed out for the next size or a straight pin due to wear from friction... or snapping.

-Dave’s pin... needed to be pressed in. Nothing big... kind of felt like a vacuum fit if that makes sense. Clearly it’s not a vacuum fit, but it was tight and not going anywhere.

Night and day difference in quality of Fitment. I wish Dave’s shop was closer. I’d love to intern. Have tools and welders... (I’m just slow)...

ah well. Again, thanks Dave for the bailout!!!


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Late reply but yes I agree. At the end of the day everything was a gamble and they did what they could to get me what ever parts might work so they totally deserve that credit!