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OK, about 2 weeks ago, John told me that I could get some custom axels made for my 93 ranger 4x, for something like $450. Now I was wondering if it would actually be cheaper, because I only need one axel. I am planning on lengthening the beams about 5in per side, but since I was planning on doing it close to the chasis mounting point, I only really need one axel, because the diff is in one of the I beams, and I am planning on pushing it out with the rest of the assembly. Anyone got any comments?


I have seen people extend beams 1" on the inside and 3-3.5" on the outside to make the coil line up better at full bump it seems if you extended it 5" on the inside the coil will bend or it wont compress right, this is on 2wd but is all the same, I would do it all past the coil spring and buy 2 axels if it was me.
With 4" over per side at the hub you can acheive up to 22" travel.. Why would you want to go 5" and why from the inside out and not the outside? Just trying to understand. I have been doing a lot of research since I have bought my bronco and have yet to see a bronco or 4wd ttb system extended on the inside that the owner is happy with and works..


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call mcneil....its 2000 for the entire front end of a dana 35 (coil buckets, shocks, radius arms, 3" per side on the beam) so i figured it would be pretty cheap just for the axel. But basically all your getting is an axel cut in half with another axel welded in between the two piece, not a complete custom piece that would be stronger and more reliable. Call Currie for some info or talk to jerry at Camburg. Sometthing like 1200 for the axels(camburg) but he posted that they were pretty trick.


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Ya, totally agree with john on the axle thing. If you extend the beams from the inside you wil have a lot of issues with the diff hitting etc...


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The only reason that I was planning on extending it from the inside end, is that there would be a lot less stress there than where the spring was coming down to. I am planning on doing coilovers at the same time that I extend the beams, how though does it work extending from the hubs? With the axel going through there I thought that it would be much more difficult, and not as strong?

I stand corrected.. I now know of one truck that is extended on the inside and works damn good and is really used... Rock on... What the hell do I know. :)


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Now John, I am not trying to win an argument here, and you have yet to seem to be one who would fold easily, but I am just trying to get a good idea before I spend the money, and it ends up being crap. It was just from what I had heard, and I didn't do that much research, but it would seem to me that if you extend the beams from the inside, that I would have to make sure that my front driveshaft still made it to the diff through all the travel. But if it was common, then it wouldn't be a big deal. But if everyone is extending it from the hubs out, and it is working well, and holding up good, then I need the info prior to making my decision. thanks
No I was being serious with my post. I recieved an e-mail from a buddy about a truck that I know works bitchin and it is extended from the inside out.. So like I said before I stand corrected and my theory was wrong.. It can work that way.. no argument here..