Axle width dilemma


I am in the process of getting a 9" rear end housing built. The axles have come in and as I read more I am getting more nervous about picking the correct Wheel mount surface (wms) width for the housing. I ordered a housing 67" WMS housing and 35 spline axles. the axles have come in and the housing has not been built yet.

I want to change my housing to a 66" WMS width housing. Question is could I throw my axles in my lathe and face off .250" per side of each axles to remove a total of 1.0" of overall axle length and still be fine?

I assume I really need to know axle spline length and drive flange engagement length to be 100% sure but does the theory of doing this or what I want to do make sense vs forking out money to buy new axles.


jon coleman

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I know you can buy ' cut to fit ' 9" axles, if you do take off a little , theres a certain gap you want between axels ends in the spool, im sure you will get a straight scoop answer here so dont panic.also there are certain spline grip length into spool you should have

Bert is my name

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On a traditional nine inch the spacing between the axle flange and the wheel bearing housing will dictate the distance you are talking about. Without shortening the whole thing I don't see where you can get the change without more info. Cutting the axles wo t change anything. Flange to wheel bearing distance is fairly standard.