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AZOP Next Truck/Buggy Race Location Change

Kyle Krause

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LOCATION CHANGE FOR ROUND 3 HARE SCRAMBLES ---Due to some more time the BLM needs to work out the Environmental Assesment of the Quartzite race we are moving the location to Mesquite NV. This place is awesome and its not that far about 5hrs from Phoenix. Trust me it's worth the drive. The owner of Mesquite MX is really excited and is promoting it as well so it could be a very big race.. We will be racing motorcycles, quads, UTV's trucks and buggies. We are woking on a 12 mile loop. The dates will remain the same April 23-24, 2016.. Here is a quick look at part of the track.. The owner of the are is working on making the offroad sections wider...