B.O.R.E. Ely 200


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Apr 2, 2001
Centerville, Utah
Three races, three winners!!!
Mike Conner wins the Ely 200, third race in the B.O.R.E. season.
The race was eight laps of 24.5 miles.(by the odometer on my Blazer)

1st Mike Conner, Eight laps, 5:14:08.
2nd Cameron Blackley, Eight laps, 5:20:08. Broke the center out of the left front wheel on lap 7,
with a 1 min. lead on second.
3rd Andy joy, Seven laps, 5:41:48. Unknown troubles on the first lap.
4th Dave Morse, Seven laps, 5:46:46. Broke a ball joint on lap 6.
5th Robet Bass, Seven laps, 6:11:12. Broke the left front spindle on lap 6. This was Roberts First
race. He bought Bret North's car.
6th Troy Parham, Five laps, 3:20:12. Had major electrical problems.
Scott Butcher was unable to make the race due to trans problems.
Fast lap Cameron Blackley, lap 8, 38:13.
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