B. Wiliams: Medal of Honor, Nam war story


Bosens Mate Wiiliams, Medal of Honor ceremony, White House

interview on series "Heroes" (Medal of Honor recipients)

That's a great feelin'...

It's one of the greatest feelings I've ever had in my life..to look at me..
All right Botes, you're in command..of a Man O'War. It might have
been a small Man O'War..but it was a Man O'War.
To me, it was the same as if it was a battleship
& uh,.. I grasped that opportunity & so did every man in the outfit with me
uh..to PROVE.. that we were GOOD people
that we could LEAD..
& that we could CONTRIBUTE.

[ operational definition of a REAL American. Reminds me of a typical offroad racer: down to earth
folk ("good people"), hard chargers ("leaders"), making a difference ("contribute" to offroad technology). Like the Vietnam
Veteran, they are a small niche of under appreciated & disrespected "heroes" ]

On the Mekong river, Repulbic of Vietnam, 31 Oct 1966
Under the leadership of Bosens Mate Wiiliams who demonstrated
unusual professional skill & indominable courage throughout the 3 hr battle
the patrol contributed to the destruction or loss of 65 enemy boats
& inflicted numerous casualties on the enemy personnel.

My father always taught me,
you can't be something you're NOT
that you must be what you ARE..

[ translation: be TRUTHFUL. Bush Jr is a perfect example of how his series of "free rides" courtesy of Bush Sr, is NOT in keeping with this principle. "If a C avg student @Yale like me can be president, so can you"..this is preposterous & ridiculous, what kind of example does that set for the future leaders of America?? Being a loser??..exactly the opposite of the principles of the Medal of Honor: Above & Beyond the Call of Duty. Hence, the whole world has to deal with a blunder of "unusual unprofessional skill & lack of courage"]

& as he expressed it:
there's no right way to do wrong

[ i.e. Wrong is WRONG..period ]

& uh..I have held that dear..uh..just those
few little phrases all my life.
Uh...at the time being a young man, I didn't understand it then
but I do now, but uh..it's made a difference in my life too.

[ I always felt America upheld this tradition, but the post WWII fiascos like Korean War, Vietnam,..[ other small stuff ], now Iraq has been a series of Wrongs, as per JrSyko comments. Comedy of Errors. Bush Jr could have topped them all with the biggest blunder of them all. ]

I got the above frames off the intro episode of "Heroes" (shown on A&E channel ~1989), I couldn't find the full 30 min episode for additional frames. I got the following frames off the series "Seven Views of War" -- WWII, Korean War, Vietnam war stories. It


series "Seven Views of War"

Richard O'Mara, Riverboat M60 machine gunner (front)

Old Glory

political statement (idealogy)

machine gunner

machine gunner

real action

real action



river boat

The above frames give you an indication of Bosens Williams gallantry that earned him the MOH..rough deal in a rough situation in a foreign country. NOW, reflect THAT against that Bush Jr character in the White House (hiding out in Camp David this weekend), & you can see why those "protestors" are really patriots. Many of them will tell you they are against Bush Jr, but support the troops (when used appropriately). H*LL, you got war-veterans saying this. I liked that one poster of a cracked egg with Bush Jr's face on it: "Empty WarHead found in White House" (it's referring to the fact that no weapons of mass destruction found so far in Iraq..no biological weapons used..it's a ll an illusion or fabrication by the White House)...heheheheh. That was quite creative!

For further info on River Boats in 'Nam:

"Go for the Gusto, Go for the Overall"
-- Robby Gordon, SCORE off-road champion


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you seem very caught up with bush's test scores. wild guess: you are like the "a" students that always came to me, the "c" student to explain things they didnt understand. come on now, grades tell nothing of intelligence or knowledge. its crap. lets not forget einstein flunked out of mathematics.