B500 - Kudos to RDC and Gabriel Garcia


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Just want to give some props to both RDC for their free spectator guide postcard and to Gabriel Garcia, of the Ensenada newspaper El Vigia, for writing a nice spread on safety, called "Take Care of Baja and Take Care Of Yourself ". The RDC card has some funny Spanish Translations , like "Where did I park my trophy truck? and "Don't be a Richard Cranium and get off the Weatherman channel". Good stuff.

Gabriel Garcia wrote a nice two page spread that warned spectators of the dangers of building booby traps, driving on the course, etc, etc.

Oh, yeah, the two hotties giviing out the RDC postcards were OK, but could be better.

To the racers--- did you notice how clear the road was at the Ojos Negros rollers? The cops closed the road to spectators and only the hearty got out there... fun to watch determined locals in Toyota Corollas driving cross-country to get there! Instead of thousands, there were only a few hundred spectators -- made for some very safe and sane video and photo work this year.


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