Baja 1000 1988 (Japanese Version)

JL Gomez

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Hey Guys

I just found this videoclips on You Tube

Great coverage ever.


Part 1
[ame=""]YouTube - BAJA1000 (メキシコ激走ï¼￾ãƒ￾ãƒ￾1000) in1988 1/4[/ame]

Part 2
[ame=""]YouTube - BAJA1000 (メキシコ激走ï¼￾ãƒ￾ãƒ￾1000) in1988 2/4[/ame]

Part 3
[ame=""]YouTube - BAJA1000 (メキシコ激走ï¼￾ãƒ￾ãƒ￾1000) in1988 3/4[/ame]

Part 4
[ame=""]YouTube - BAJA1000 (メキシコ激走ï¼￾ãƒ￾ãƒ￾1000) in1988 4/4[/ame]


Mini Metal MOD
Awesome old school footage, Mears in-car camera, Ivan's moon buggy and RG in the Hayhauler. In Part 4 around 2:48 in the video is probably the only footage in existence of the Chenowth built Yamaha rally car.

Cool stuff!!

Giant Geoff

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Great memories, I worked a cheek point that year. The course got routed around this guy’s land and all these cars were slipping off the cliff before the cheek point, I remember a new class 8 burned to the ground, we helped people all night hanging off the side. I also remember a 100lb. dirt bike rider from Japan with a whole rear tire zip-tied to he’s back for a spare. Haha, Good times.

Lance T

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Great footage, where is the soundtrack available? Hah! Dang, I want to build a replica Mears 7 for the vintage race...but it was an '86 not a '85. Brent still has Trevor's plans at the shop.