Baja 1000 Pre Run and Test: DragonFire Racing

Baja or Bust

We took 14 new People, 7 new DragonFire Equipped Kawasaki Teryx’s, and we headed to Baja last week to see if our cars and customers could beat the Baja. I had the luxury of brining my wife, but she insisted that she got to drive the Teryx, and I would ride my KX 450 all weekend. I also got to spend the weekend with my friends Lori and Larry Roeseler as well as the DFR support crew of Jack and Darren, and my good friends from ITP. It was amazing to see all these new vehicles, new people to both Baja, and off road driving, put the DFR products to the test. Each Kawasaki Teryx had our Black Magic Long travel kit, DFR 2 Seat Cage, Seats, Seat Belts and DFR Performance package. The weekend was a testament to what we do, and how well we prepare. A Fuse, a dead battery and a few flats from driving in the dust was all we encountered the entire weekend. Every DragonFire Prepared Kawasaki Teryx and each one of our customers made it back from 420 Miles of driving with no issues. As a designer, a racer, and enthusiast, it was exciting for me to see the products we develop work so well and without failure. We spend a lot of time testing, but to have new people try to go brake our products and come out unscathed was the highlight of my weekend.

I have attached some great images from our trip. Hope to see you in Baja.

The rest of the pictures are on my blog.


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