Baja 1000 Pre Run help


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Hey everyone, 1st post so I thought I'd make it a doozy. Looking for a bit of emergency help.

The guy that was supposed to chase us on the highway for the pre run had to cancel last minute.

Looking for someone to drive my truck with trailer on the highway. This would involve dropping us off just outside of Ensenada, driving the truck and trailer from Ensenada to meet us in San Felipe. The next day you'd drive from San Felipe to Bay of LA and meet us there. Day 3 we'd drive home. Hotel rooms, dinner, and fuel are on me.

Daytime driving only, You'll have no problem beating us to each stop so no rush.

I'm scheduled to head down Wednesday Nov 1. We'll stay the night in Ensenada, get up on Thursday and start the pre run.

I know this is last minute but hoping someone can go.

Call or Text 951-545-3588