Baja 1000 Prerun PHOTOS!!

dust junkie

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Anybody got any pictures of the rock climb around RM45? How are all the larger cages going to make it through that? What is one guy hits a rock an breaks something? can you imagine the traffic jam?



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Me and some friends went this weekend to laguna salada to do some prerun. We did from MM170 to MM191. From MM170 to MM178 is top speed with some whoopies, rivers, jumps. From MM178 to MM188 is very very nice, it is called "Sierra Marianas", it looks similar to Matomi in SF. The weather is very nice, I cant wait for the race....... :rolleyes:

Preparing all final stuff in Laguna Salada

On the way to MM 170 (MM 27 from last CODE race)

On-board camera to the back side :D

Now on the 1000 course from MM170 to MM176 aprox.........

Another on-board camera

Another on-board camera from the last car

Sounds like it'd be worth the time for a everyone to help you upgrade to Pro Status!!

... Paypal donation of $5 from some of us that enjoy the pics?! That'd get you there.

Drop your paypal info, and I'm down to donate to the cause. ;)

randy s

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we cruised down la rumorosa yesterday. pretty smooth. awesome scenery. patience and co-operation will be the order of the day. no place to try to win the race with a six mile banzai. enjoy it. it's nasty, but not all THAT bad at all.


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please guys more pics im stuck in arizona right know and i dont think im going to make it whit out baja !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Thats BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRSSSSSS...............Truck rocken the 13

hey Trey any pics of my prerunner ????

Giant Geoff

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Glad I’m not doing some of those trails.

Make a grown man cry.

El Ranas

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Some photos from yesterday.........

A lot of prerruners in Rumorosa

Ponderosa to Rumorosa

A nice jump

North of laguna salada



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Thanks from Highlands Ranch, Co. I am missing the Dez. and time spent in baja.
Best of luck to all! Braaap.


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Nice pics of the ones still up!! Wheres the the first set??? Why does this stuff keep getting moved or deleted????????????? Nothing more frustrating than not being able to go and to see pics and they get taken off....


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Our pre-run adventure last Saturday...

Oh, and a few videos as well...

Tomorrow @ Contingency make sure to stop by the Baja4Racing booth. Luis Ramirez will be signing our cover shot for this brand new Baja off-road magazine. Baja4Racing

See ya in the 1000!!!

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