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Baja 1000


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Any advice on where to stay at in Ensenada for the Baja 1000 and whats the best way to watch this race ? never been and wanna give it a try?


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1. Be sure to see contingency the day before the race. Get your Ensenada hotel reservations NOW. Lots of good hotels, just make sure they have good off street parking. Hotel San Nicolas, Hotel Bahia, Santa Ysabel just to name a few.
2. The night before the race camp somewhere, preferably a major pit area somewhere in the first 200-250 miles of the course. You'll get to see lots of racing action and some pit action.
3. Where you watch the race will depend on how the course goes. If it goes near San Felipe that would be a good area to use as a base.
Warning: the highways around the race course are the MOST DANGEROUS places you can be race day! My recommendation is NOT to try and get back to Ensenada to watch the finish.

Get your Ensenada room reservations set then set your other plans once the course is announced. You'll have a great time. Post here again to get recommendations on where to watch the race once we all know where the course will be running.

Chris Tobin

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Estero Beach is a great place to stay and a lot of top teams stay there as well so you will likely have a chance to check out many of the vehicles up close while they are getting ready.