Baja 1000


I keep sniffing, quivering my bottom lip, and drying my eyes!

Wish I was there sipping an ice cold Tecate, smelling race gas, takin' pics, and gauking at all the eye candy!

Hope everyone has a good safe run.


John Bitting

Hard for you bro?? Gabe and Klaus stopped by this morning to pick up RDC shirts and stickers for Scott Steinberger. I had to send my gear and not myself.. Now that is heartbreaking.. They are bringing me back shirts though. At least I can act like I was there.. But nothing around town tastes like the fish tacos down there. I have tried them all.. DAMNIT.


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That is the same article that is on Off Somebody ripped somebody off

Gotta run to GO TO THE RACE!



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From the last paragraph it doesnt look liek we will be seeing RG going back to full time off road anytime soon.

"We've done so much with so little for so long, we can do anything with nothing!"