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Baja 4000

We ended up 4th. We lost 80% of our points on the 2nd day due to not being able to cross Laguna Salada. It took a few days to understand how the point process worked so not getting the points for the 2nd day haunted us the rest of the trip. Information from each day was used in future days. Each time there was reference to the 2nd day, we would be lost. We will be more prepared for the next one.
We are not going to be able to make it this year. We are trying to sell our spot. Its not too late to join the fun!!


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10 days and counting. Interesting mix of cars from "wild" Prerunners, Raptors, Broncos and Jeeps to er, uh, ummm… "interesting"... a few Volvos, Subarus, Crown Vics, a Manx and Vespas along with other assorted iron. Can't wait to see what's in the "Spirit Class"


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Supposedly a big chunk is off road for the points scoring category, then there's a 4x4 touring class and an on road touring class with excursions It's not a speed event but more of a nav deal with a geo cache aspect thrown in is how we understand it. Stoked to spend 10 days in Baja with the wife friends and taking a shot at the nav class! "Scrutineering" tomorrow in Redondo with the start Friday AM.


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Absolutely incredible event!!! I thought it would be easy drive through Baja. 14hr days driving hard stopping only for gas. The hardest part is driving fast and having to navigate on the fly from satellite images. Super fun, crazy stressful in cab, constant fighting with teammates on what to do, organization always trying to trick you and I can’t wait to do it again. Meet cool international people, camp 90 percent of the time in epic spots, showered twice in 10 days and went to the most incredible places in Baja I never new existed.


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We had an awesome time and met some great people! Andrew and his crew made it a fun and cool event with great sites and the race category was challenging. We camped a few days and hoteled (?) a bunch and hit about 40% of the Nav Spots. We weren't in it to win it based on our nav skills and a long second day helping tow a friend out of the back side of Mikes. After that we helped a ton of folk from the Medic team to some handlebar friends that had issues and looking for "Red Ranger" all over a not so dry lakebed... So for us it turned into more or a off road site seeing run. which was awesome! We migrated between the race and touring category and saw things we wanted and hit some of the nav spots which was perfect!

Going down in the "race category" at the Baja XL is a different ball game. No support or known marked trail as well as doing the Nav thing (which we underestimated) was a challenge for us and some of the others. My AWESOME wife did a great job figuring it out and we never got stuck (close but always drove out)! There were a few: "Oh crap were all out here alone and the trail sucks: this is not good" moments that make your heart beat...

Highlights: The Vespa guys were nuts, especially Hans! The Crown Vic teams awesome and helped everyone they came across. The Aussies in the Earth Roamer were great and always seemed there to lend a hand. The handlebar guys we met and drank with a blast and everyone was beside themselves at the Vesparados antics! It was a great trip and meeting everyone along the way and making friends along the route was killer.

As AP255 said: We got to see a lot of Baja and spots we never knew were there as when your down racing it's a different game. Anyone looking to try it, we'd give it a big thumbs up.

Wished we hit the after party but we wanted to see the dogs and needed to spend $25 at the you spray it getting 30% of the mud off her.

Congrats to Scrapiron and his wife for winning it in their Jeep!

Viva Baja!


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last ones


Awesome story and thanks for sharing. Looking at 2021 here, for a first timer down there would tackling the race category be over doing it or? Right now working on forming a team...

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