Baja 500 Photos with the chase of #13


Apr 18, 2009
San Clemente, CA
Here are some photos of the Baja 500. It was a great time, safe for the most part and Im sure all of you there had a blast as I did. I chased again with Stout #13 again and photographed most of the event I could. Clyde team kicks ass and its always a blast going with them and helping out. Overall it was a great time, congrats to all the racers, teams, and event staff for the A+ coordination. I have many photos of lots of teams (Stout, Steele, and Robby ect...), pits, and fans so check them out because every camera shot is in a different spot. None of the photos are edited just reduced to sizes smaller than 1000px for web purposes. If you would like the .raw format photo please email me. Im sure once again lots of other photographers are going to write me about not watermarking my photos, if you want them watermarked, start hiring me otherwise every photos gonna be free for non commercial printing and I have photo credit. I chase in a chopper, bike, prerunner or chase truck and teams pay me that's how I work it, anything left over its a free for all. Congrats once again and OX and Udall DOMINATED! good job JCR and Mulisha!

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