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baja 500 viewing spots


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i'm going to baja, and i was wondering if anybody can help with some good viewing spots. my truck is fairly capable, but i don't particularly want to risk life and limb anywhere. plus, i don't know for sure yet if there'll be a second vehicle, so i don't want to get stranded. we're staying north of the border fri. nite, waking up early as hell sat morning, to get to ensenada for the start. (hopefully, anyways) where to from there??? i've never been there, so it's gonna be interesting, to say the least...i'm already kinda nervous/excited. it's gonna be along week....


Please see the thread "Newbie Going to baja 500".

Erendira is mentioned there.

Another good spot is at the end of Guadalupe Wash. Since the gravel mining started there, a good sharp junp has been made at the end of the wash. We have taken spectacular photos there.

Beware, I have not prerun yet and do not know if this still exists. Does anyone else have clues?

If it is there. you'll need to proceed all the way to the end of the wash. Guadalupe Wash is off the road to Tecate from Ensenada.

It is at abut mile 30 at the start and @mile 460 on the way back.

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Again I agree with my man PJC. My partner and I watched the Baja 2000 near the end of Quadalupe wash, it was a rush. Due to the race course being on the highway for several miles before entering the wash (no passing on the hwy) the trucks were really bunched up when they ran down the wash.

When the TT's came by they were 5 wide (no lie), bumping and rubbing fenders. Robby rubbed with Larry Ragland so hard Larry pulled over at the end of the wash and changed a tire. As we saw later each class was bunched up when they entered the wash. Good spectating area.

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looking at the map on score's website, and i don't see tecate. where's that at???


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Do yourself a big favor and get a hold of a map of baja before you go down. (AAA has them) While the course maps are good for knowing the race course they wont help you get around down there at all and you don't want to get lost down there. If you have both the course map and a regular road map you should be fine.

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Dude Guadalupe Wash, Ojos Negros, Erendira........ There's multiple road crossings on the hwy 3 side....... Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!