Baja 500

Who will overall ?l

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Krittro Campbell
So whos headin down to the 500, where you stayin at and who you chasin for if anybody?

Im headin down Friday morning with Davis and Skyler, don't know where I am stayin, and am chasin for Sykes.

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I should be down there by noon on Friday. Stayin at the Travel Lodge and I will be chasin and filiming the TT's all day.. Any advice on where to get some good action would be great..

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Jerry Maguire
Kritter, I'm going down with Sykes as well. Guess I'll see you at the El Cortez!

See ya in the dirt!


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leaving first thing friday morning. we'll be running the main pit for Bill Geharity who is splitting the driving with Jeff Lewis in a 5-1600 car. will be at Vally Trinidad. hope its a good race and looking forward to seeing all the new trophy trucks in action if they make it to us.



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"chaseing for Miggie"

is that Mike Jacobsons team. are they going to be down there with there New trophy truck or 5 car?


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I'll be chasing for Scott Steinberger down at San Telmo and Urapan and crashing out at Punto Morro. Anyone down at San Telmo or Urapan wanting to help, feel free to introduce yourself and lend a hand.



What type of vehicle will overall the Baja 500 this year ? In the past years it has been a close call between TT, Bike and C1. Sometimes within minutes of each other.
Is Johnny Campbell racing this race? Not to take anything from Hengeveld but if JC isn't racing i wish to take my Open bike vote and switch it to Class 1.
Well im leaving vegas now, have a sleepover in San Diego, and then leave to Erendira at first light on fri.
c ya peeps there...

victor fabian
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Guadalupe Wash is good because of the police escort on the highway everyone bunches up. It is a land rush start when they hit the wash, three or four wide sometimes more. I am going to watch the start there and then drive to the coast.


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I was going to say class one for the overall, but since Julson & Lofton have withdrawn from the race I say a trophy truck, Ashley & Smith, will win overall.


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Re: Ashley & Smith, will win overall.

If they don't have any mechanical trouble this will happen.


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I'm sorry to hear that about the team because they have been on a roll lately. It seems like tha are getting that car figured out. We all must remember that our families come first. Best of luck to them.

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Last I heard....Johnny wasn't racing. He's still trying to get all the healing done from his crash a few months back. Knowing Johnny though...he'll probably show up anyway!!