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Baja Aragon 2016


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Both an FIA and FIM event and the lineup is there already. Expect some changes into cars entry list for sure - but Bryce not in.

X-Raid buggy with Jutta Kleinschmidt
Dayraut in the small Midget we have discussed (2wd that looks like a miniature pro truck)
Al Mannai in his truck
a Herrator V8 (which i would love to have) with a spanish driver
thats you nice fight in 2WD

Sainz in a Pug

Both Al Attiyahs

Rui Sousa in an Isuzu D Max proto - one to watch!

Mini gang - Terranova and Hirvonen main culprits

Sazonov again renting a South Racing Ford instead of Hummer or Yota of Mobilex

Ourednicek with a Hummer

FIM has manly spaniards on bikes, but interesting to see Sherco in

Full lineup:
Baja Aragón Official Site


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Khalifa is a younger brother coming from WRC. Drives an Overdrive Toyota (previous gen)


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I was wondering why the full Pug and Mini lineups aren't at SWR


Baja Spain is happening this weekend and Mini has cars entered that race while still racing SilkWay. Jaja Spain is part of the FIA points standings.


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Baja Aragon=Baja Spain

I think Sainz at Baja is clear - its his home turf, he knows the area, this is a fast race, his fans want to see him. And probably SilkWay is just a test before Dakar so no need to bring out the full force. Not all Minis in at SWR is simple too - X Raid is a business and rents rides. Probably there were no takers with pockets deep enough for a 2 week race.


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+35C in Teruel in the shade - going to be tough.

Yaser Seaidan gets the well-known Russian navigator Alex Kuzmich to co-drive replacing his usual Laurent Lichtleuter

and looks like Sazonov from Mobilex not in as he is still at SWR2016


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Nasser is a beast...

If you missed the event you probably missed the whole point of the discussions that are sometimes going on here as to who is best or who takes the win.

Losing to both Sainz and Hirvonen at the start of the days specials he pushed till the last moment and got the win. And looks as if he still had some left under that right foot if need be.

Pure freaking monster when he drives and pushes it.

2WD was interesting too...


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shows he has been good for a long time too given this is his second Baja Spain win with the first coming back in '08

Other points of interest--Jutta Kleinschmidt finished 12th with the XRaid team, Nasser's younger brother finished 13th in his Toyota, and the highest finishing Nissan was Adel Abdulla in his Nissan Patrol which took the T2 class win.