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Baja Aragon 2017

Short Bus

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It is good to see Leeroy Poulter is back in action.

Anyone know what the "FIA TP" category is on the entry list and why Nasser is "New"?


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after Abu Dhabi crash he had one car airshipped to Qatar. Maybe another one was freshly prepared for the remaining season. He will get new number after the car is scruteneered.


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and while Nasser gave everyone a lesson in driving - day one he is losing, day 2 wins outright, smth interesting came up. Matt Serradori who one 2WD in his SRT buggy had 37' Michelins on the car and said Michelin offers 3 tire compounds -hard, medium, soft... Thats smth new. I believe 37's would be BFG with Michelin branding??? How come they have different softness now? Anyone heard anything about this?


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